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Reclining chairs EMU

Als je op vakantie bent wil je relaxen. Achterover leunen. Hangen. Uitrusten. To Recline! Casa di Basanni heeft nu fantastische stoelen van het Italiaanse merk EMU.

The Bahama deckchair was launched in the late 1970’s and is still in production. It has become a classic and has furnished all kinds of environments; from mountain chalets to seaside villas and small country gardens.

Snooze deckchair

Presenting Snooze, the re-interpretation of Siesta by Chiaramonte-Marin, a relaxing armchair with a simple and yet brilliant design launched by Emu in 1980. Now, the same mechanism has evolved and focuses upon a wider dimension and a covering in a highly resistant and colourful technical cloth for outdoor use.

The new Emu collections are the result of a manufacturing process that focuses upon innovation that is deeply rooted in tradition and a heightened sense of continuity from the past which opens onto the objectives of the future. The outcome is a re-interpretation of the Classics, created with a heritage that maintains the characteristics of the Brand’s design and style, proposed with more “modern” dimensions and (more importantly) new ranges of colours.

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